Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just for The Record

The title "Bemusings" came to me as I was joking with my very intellectual husband about what I would name a blog If I were to ever choose to actually try to write my thoughts down. My intellectual husband, which we will call Gene, by sheer coincidence really is his name, has his own blog called  Musings. If you were to look up the definition of  musing, you won't have to because I will provide the definition for you, then you would see that it means to be absorbed in thought; meditative. This title could not be any more perfect for Gene. So if Gene could be absorbed in thought and meditative and cause others to be the same, then what would I be? Not all that hard to figure if you: 1. Know me at all or have ever been around me for more than ten minutes, or 2. Can read. Again I will provide you with a definition. To bemuse is to confuse or bewilder. Some may wonder then, is it my purpose to bewilder or confuse? Or am I in a state of confusion or bewilderment? Not at all! But I must confess that things which seem perfectly rational to me sometimes cause others to be Bemused. 
Anyone still reading? How are you feeling?      

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